Services Overview

Counseling and Guidance are an important part of recovery and our counselors are dedicated individuals with the necessary skills to assist you in reaching your goals. Nearly all addictions cause relationship, family, financial, occupational, and various other problems and individual and group therapies will aid in overcoming these problems. Ask your primary counselor about group therapies offered at the clinic and local self-help groups available to you for additional support.  For information on why somebody should choose methadone, please check out some key reasons HERE

Rainbow Recovery Center works with community resources, such as agencies that assist with housing, health insurance, employment, educational assistance, and various other local agencies. Ask your primary counselor about assistance programs in the area for referrals.

  Services Offered

The primary function of Rainbow Recovery Center is to provide daily dosing for Methadone. However, we also offer an initial intake assessment to determine if you are a good candidate for Methadone maintenance, followed by continued counseling services where we see you at least two times a month. We also offer you group counseling and a staff that is always willing and ready to answer your questions and assist you in understanding what you are going through.  When you start treatment, we will spend time to “assess” you, that is we work with you to determine the problems areas in your life, your strengths, your needs, your abilities, your goals, and the resources in your life. We then work with you to prioritize this into a “Problem List’ that becomes the basis for your individualized treatment plan. Your treatment plan is a map of the goals that you want to achieve and a plan for achieving these goals until you are able to successfully complete the medically supervised tapering process or withdrawal from Methadone.

  • Dosing Hours Monday Through Friday from 5:00 AM to 10:00 AM, Saturday and Sunday 6:30 AM to 8:00 AM
  • Counseling Services offered 2x a month to each patient
  • Group Counseling available to all patients
  • Medical Assistance, Private Insurance, or weekly self-pay accepted
  • Drug Screening provided at least once a month
  • Take Home Bottles available after 90 days of treatment and three consecutive negative drug screens, and also for emergencies such as inclement weather, etc.
  • Referral services are provided when necessary
  • Full confidentiality and privacy is given to all patients according to HIPAA standards of practices